Old School PE

Old Games. New Friends.


Old School P.E., LLC. is a lifestyle company that promotes a balance of social, physical and emotional well being through participation in a variety of classic, current and reinvented physical education games.


 Old School PE™ started in Newport, New Hampshire and was created by PJ Lovely and  Mike Pettinicchio. After a great Dodgeball Tourney during Newport’s Annual Winter Carnival in February of 2006, Mike approached PJ about a night where adults could get together and play.  After many discussions, Old School PE was born.

 Old School PE™ nites happen in seasons and twice a year.  If you would like more information about Old School PE™ or would like to start this program in your community, click on the Contact Us link and send us a note.  Also, check out the Services link from the main menu to see more about what  Old School PE™ has to offer.

PJ has been the Rec Director in Newport for quite some time and has developed many great programs.  His enthusiasm for the community is wonderful and it shows in the quality, quantity and excitement in Rec Center events for all those that participate.

 Mike, new to Newport in 2001, is a sports nut who was looking to create an avenue to meet new people and have some fun.  According to Mike, Old School PE™ Nites affect people 3 ways: Emotional, Physical and Social. “For 2+ hours one night a week you forget about everything except playing and having fun (Emotional).  Instead of sitting on the couch, you get some exercise (Physical).  And most importantly you get to meet and hang out with some great people (Social)”.  

 As PJ always says, OLD SCHOOL RULES!!!!!