When we started Old School PE in February of 2006 we had in mind to provide local adults an opportunity to have some fun, meet new people and enjoy the benefits of fitness without the thoughts of a traditional workout. As the program started to evolve and our numbers started to grow we were asked by people in other local communities how they could get a program up and running in their locations.

Over the past year we have developed a members only website which allowed people to learn how an Old School PE program is run and how it can be started in their community. We have seen from the program not only benefits for the people that attended but for the other Recreation Centers that have been involved. Some of the benefits include local media recognition for the various Rec Centers and an increase in support not only financially, but in the areas of volunteers for other programs including youth sport offerings. These are just a couple of the countless benefits a program like Old School PE can bring to a community.

For the reasons listed above and the belief we have of the benefits of this program for local communities, we would like to offer access to our Members Only site for free to Rec Centers or other non-profit entities focusing on fun, fitness and social well-being. It is a big step for us, but one we believe will have lasting positive effects for those involved in Old School PE.

To get started on your access to our Members Site today click here .

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. We look forward to hearing about your community and its involvement with
Old School PE.

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